Time for Collection updates!
Current Update: January 2012

My Mew collection. :3c 
And I saw the Pikachu cards somewhere on the community and just HAD to have them. They're just SO CUTE!! <3

My 1:1, Bobble head, Mountain zukan, Bell Plush, and Bottle Cap are some of my favorite pieces. <3
Not to mention those glowy stickers. <3  I love them so.

I FINALLY got the TFG figure!!! I'm so happy!!! <3

I just realized that I cut out a cute little figure that I won in a GA. :<  Awww...
But I got the Mew & Crystal keychain~ Yay~

Candyball figure and Christmas Mew are some of my favorites here. <3
And sleepy Pikachu is super OMG <3  Soooo cute~

Part of the wall behind my Mews. That Charm is <3333

Blooming Flowers Mew eraserrrr~~ <3 I thought I'd never get anything of this series. But a friend came back from Japan with one for me~
And Mew charm~ <3 
And the strap. Ughhh <3

My last Mew plush which didn't fit in the picture.
And Meet Mew doesn't fit anywhere on the shelf... Nor does the purse... :3c

My Jirachi and badges shelf~
There's a Tomy Jirachi missing from the shelf because I sleep with him at night. >.>  He's from my boyfriend...
The badges are fan-made from a company called Sanshee. They're sold at conventions and on their online store.

That washcloth.... Is too cute....
And I finally got my Glowy Kid~ (They need to make more Jirachi Kids...)

More plush and badges. :3
I loveeee the brown eyes on the Canvas plush....
And I got sleepy Jirachi for myself!! (My boyfriend has the first one.)

Curly Jirachi is so soft~
And bad blurrrry pictures from my phone. :3c Heh...

Pokédoll magnet!! <3333333

And the washcloth again. X3 <3

Misc plush, Pokécenter zukan and kids.

Almost all of the B/W plush are from a friend. Petilil is the only exception. :D
I'm hoping he comes back with more! Hehehe~

Some older KFC plush stuck in there. :3

Zukan and kids~~ <3
I need the rest of the zukan set... <.<;

Mostly older plush.
And I'm still dying over how good Vulpix looks was a canvas even though it was my first one... XD

And then, the shelf that just gets everything. (Ignore the Meet Mew, I got too lazy to take another picture after I moved it. XD )

Things that don't fit on shelves. :3

The Southern Islands post cards are too adorable, but I have no idea how to display them... :<  I need picture frames or something.

MEWWWWW~~ <33333

And dat Gloooom~ <3 EEEE~~

As a side note, I have no idea what these are worth. I've had them forever with my SI card collection. They're my most prized cards. <3

My first small shelf. :3

My zukannnns <3

All of my Pikas~ <3
And moar zukan...

Dratini line~~ <3333
And that Sandshrew had to be mine. JUST LOOK HOW SWEET THAT FACE IS!!

As good a place as any to stick these in. :3
I'm especially fond of France. :3c

My Eeveelution shelf~
I can't wait to get my Charms. :3c
And I need the rest of the Dex Charms. <.<;;
And clearly Canvases and Pokédolls. XD

The top shelf. :3c
THE CHUPA FIGURE CAMMMMEEEE~~ <33333 It's so sweet and adorable~~ <3333
I need all the Leafeons. :>

And that, my friends, is my collection as of today.
Minus charms in the mail and such.

Jirachi Yawn


Hey all~
Posting my Wishlist here just for reference.  :D

Ask about things. I may already have some things you're thinking of.

First of all:

Jirachi Zukan [Seen Here]
Vulpix Friends Plush [Seen Here]Mini Grail

Eeveelutions [Highest: Espeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon Pokédolls. Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon canvas.  Laying Leafeon plush.]

Eevee/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon line
Eevee/Umbreon/Espeon line
Pokécenter sets [Part 1] and [Part 3]
Pikachu line [Seen Here]
Growlithe line [Seen Here]
Vulpix line


Holon Phantoms Pikachu
OP Series 4 Pikachu
____'s Pikachu
Expidition Mew
Promo Mew!!!!!!
Legend Maker Mew
OP Series 5 Mew
Legend Maker Mew Ex
Tree of Beginnings Mew
Secret Wonders Reverse Holo Mew

The 10th Anniversary tin featuring Jirachi and Mew

If there's something you're not sure about, just ask~  :D

I'm always looking for new things.